being sufficient on the homestead

Self and Sufficiency

I have always enjoyed being self sufficient. Even though I am in my early 40’s I have learned several things about homesteading. Before I always thought homesteading was living off the grid in wilderness somewhere. I now know homesteading can be done in a home, whether it be an apartment or a single family home

How To Break Down Quail

Learning how to break down quail is a very important thing to learn if you want to homestead, raise your own birds, or go hunting for quail in the woods. Everyone has a different idea of the homestead lifestyle, and you must study how to break down the birds that you hunt or use when

The Best Dogs For Hunting

Choosing the best dog to hunt with is something that all hunters must take great care to do. You cannot take any dog out with you because these dogs are meant to find your prey, flush out your prey, and even bring the prey back to you. The dog that you choose should be selected

How to Choose a Generator for your Homestead

Types of Generators  When you are choosing a generator for your homestead, you will need to do some research on the different types of generators. If you are looking for an electric generator, then there are going to be eight different ones to choose from.  Gasoline  The first one is a gasoline generator. This is