Self and Sufficiency

I have always enjoyed being self sufficient. Even though I am in my early 40’s I have learned several things about homesteading. Before I always thought homesteading was living off the grid in wilderness somewhere. I now know homesteading can be done in a home, whether it be an apartment or a single family home anywhere in the world.

One thing I started doing was planting a garden big enough for several different kinds of vegetables. I also planted a few apple and pear trees in my yard. My yard was big enough for me to plant different foods to survive. I knew some people who rented land to plant their fruit and vegetable gardens.

When my fruits and vegetables were almost ready to be picked, I studied up on how to can my various fruits. I wanted to make sure I had enough fruits and vegetables to last until my next harvest. It seemed like long hours of picking and canning, but once I got the hang of it the canning went by quick.

Besides growing my own fruits and vegetables I knew I would need to do something for meat. I have always enjoyed eggs and chicken. I built a chicken coup and bought some chickens and roosters. Raising both chickens and roosters would give me eggs plus chicken meat to eat.

A man can not survive only on fruits, vegetables, eggs, and chicken, so I decided to buy some ducks too. I would also go fishing and do some hunting for other types of meat, like rabbit, squirrels, and deer. I knew how to take care of the wild game once I got it. All this meat would help me throughout the year to survive.

When I finally had my food situation covered to be self sufficient, I knew I should learn about home remedies in case I was sick. Many of the things I learn about home remedies I was already growing in my garden. I learned what herbs could be used for a sickness and made sure I was growing all the herbs I would need.

Since I still was living in a house I had to figure out a way to decrease or even eliminate my electric. I upgraded my house to use solar panels. These panels totally eliminated my electric bill. I was one happy camper about not having that expense to pay.

My house was located out in the country. Therefore I never had a water bill because I had well water. A few people I know converted their homes to use well water to eliminate their water expense. It can be hard digging a well but it is worth it in the long run.

Before I started homesteading I always thought it meant living totally off the grid. Homesteading has nothing to do with where I live, but has more to do with being self sufficient. I am being self sufficient by planting my food and either raising or hunting all my meat food. Homesteading is a way of life I wish I had done earlier in my life.