The Best Dogs For Your Homestead Or Budding Farm

The best dogs for your budding farm or homestead are pets that will help you around the property, possibly guard the property, and could use the extra space to exercise. There are a number of different dogs that you could have on the property, but you need to be sure that you know you can care for these dogs once you get them on the property. Some dogs are good for guarding, but others are better for hunting. 

1. Do You Need A Hunting Dog Or Guard Dog? 

You can get a hunting dog when you prefer to hunt more often than not. The hunting dog you choose should be selected based on the kind of hunting they do, but some hunting dogs are not fit for guarding your property. You might have a wonderful beagle, but your beagle cannot guard the property. However, a large retriever is imposing enough to scare someone who wants to infiltrate your property. 

A guard dog could be a German Shepherd, but these dogs are not good for hunting. This might mean that you need to have two dogs on the property, or you might have a big dog that was meant for herding. Herding animals are often fun to have on the property because they are so relaxed. You might get a sheepdog if you need to herd sheep, goats, or lamb. You might get a German Shepherd to guard the property, and you could get a beagle just for hunting. You have a family of dogs, and they will likely enjoy living together. 

2. Choose A Hunting Dog 

You can choose from this list of hunting dogs, and they might make good guard dogs if they are large enough. Think this over carefully when you are ready to get a dog because you need to get the most out of your dog. 

  • Beagle
  • Setter
  • Pointer
  • Spaniel

Beagles are good dogs to have if you are hunting smaller game, and they are good at finding mushrooms in the forest. You could get a setter because they know how to find the prey that you are looking for. A pointer can keep moving while trying to find your prey, and a spaniel can move through the rough brush with their thick fur. You might also get a retriever if you hunt ducks or any type of water fowl, and you might want foxhound or coonhound if you plan to hunt those animals specifically. Only the retriever is big enough to be a guard dog. 

Hunting dogs are often very good at sensing danger, and they might make good guard dogs because their sense of smell is so good. You might ask your hunting dog to check the property when you have suspicions about intruders or stray animals, and the dog will let alert you with their bark. 

3. Guard Dogs 

Guard dogs that you are choosing from might also be herding dogs. There are a number of different people who want to raise cattle or smaller animals, and they need to have a dog that can guard those animals. The sheepdog actually lives with the sheep. You could get a collie to help with goats, or you might get a German Shepherd because that dog can also herd other animals. 

The guard dogs that you have should be large enough or scary enough to keep people off your property. You know that you need a dog to protect you in the night especially if you live on a homestead that is a bit remote. This dog could be in the house with you, or they might live right outside the house where they can stand guard every night. Try any of these dogs to stay safe or herd animals: 

  • German Shepherd
  • Sheepdog
  • St. Bernard
  • Retriever 
  • Boxer
  • Border Collie

4. Conclusion 

The dogs that you choose for your homestead should be selected to serve your purposes. You do not need a pet that stays in the house. You need a dog that will go out into the wild witrh you, and you should choose a dog that can provide you with protection or help on the hunt. These dogs can serve two purposes in certain cases, and other dogs might be chosen to perform specific tasks. You could have a couple dogs on the property, and they all have a job to do.