How To Break Down Quail

Learning how to break down quail is a very important thing to learn if you want to homestead, raise your own birds, or go hunting for quail in the woods. Everyone has a different idea of the homestead lifestyle, and you must study how to break down the birds that you hunt or use when you are trying to live off the land. There are many people who would like to learn this because they prefer to cook from scratch, and you need three knives to get it done. In fact, you need to be sure that you have started slowly so that you do not hurt yourself or ruin the meat on the bone in the process. 

1. The Knives 

You need a buthcer’s knife, a boning knife, and a massive chef’s knife. The knives that you need for this job need to be sharp, clean, and ready to go. Someone who does not have the right knives cannot do this job efficiently, and they cannot do it safely. You will start with your butcher’s knife, and you can expand from there as you break down the bird. 

2. Removing The Legs 

Removing the legs is easy enough. You can pull them out completely so that you can strike at the joint with the butcher’s knife. You will have drumsticks that are easy to cook, and you could do the same to take off the head if you are working with a whole bird. 

3. The Wings 

The wings on the bird must be removed next, but they need to be pulled out completely before they are cut away with the chef’s knife. You do not need to use so much force to get the wings off the bird, and you should be careful because there is a lot of connective tissue in this area. The wings on the bird should be removed careful because you do not want to chip of any of the bones. The bones will be easy to snap if you are not careful, and you should not use anything heavier than the chef’s knife when trying to trim the wing. 

4. The Breast 

You can trim away from the bones using the boning knife, and you can dig in to get the breast out of the body. You need to be careful to trim off any of the silver skin, and you also need to be sure that you have er organs with he boning knife if you want. 

5. Conclusion 

There are many people who would like to start raising quail or hunt quail. They need to know how to break down the bird, and this simple process makes it easy for you to make the bird ready for cooking. You can use the quail as a way to improve your protein intake, and you can use the bones that you have left over for the stocks that could be the beginning of your soups and broths.