The Best Dogs For Hunting

Choosing the best dog to hunt with is something that all hunters must take great care to do. You cannot take any dog out with you because these dogs are meant to find your prey, flush out your prey, and even bring the prey back to you. The dog that you choose should be selected to give you the best chance of having a good time in the wilderness while also bringing back a catch that is worth your while. 

1. Beagle 

The beagle is a common for people to keep as pets, but the beagle is just the right size to run through the forest, find a bird you have hit, flush out your prey, or seek out the scent of animals that are in the area. The beagle is also good at foraging mushrooms if you wish to do this when you are out on the hunt. 

2. Foxhound 

The foxhound is meant for hunting foxes because they were bred over several hundreds years to run fast, have a keen sense of smell, and know how to lead their hunters into the woods. Foxhounds are popular because they move quickly, but they will continue to bark so that you know where they are as they guide you. 

3. Retriever 

The retriever has been popular as a family animal because it is large, fun, and loyal. However, the retriever is a dog that knows how to swim, knows how to catch the scent of a wounded bird, and can retrieve that bird for the hunter. You might be shooting ducks over a small bog, and the retriever is the dog that will go out to catch the bird for you. Gold retrievers are often thought of first in this category, but the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is one that many Americans might prefer because they were bred for shallow marsh waters. 

4. Setter 

The setter is a dog that merely rests and waits. These dogs might seem as though they should be herding cattle because they are so large, but the setter is a hunter’s dog that will find your prey, wait patiently, and alert you to their presence. You do not see setters barking at prey in the woods because setters are supposed to give you an idea of the general location of your prey. Anything more would scare away the birds or foxes you are hunting. 

5. Spaniel 

The Spaniela is a popular dog with floppy ears that many people like because they are so docile. However,t he springer spaniel was bred to hunt in the woods. These spaniels can forage through the brush because they are smaller animals, and they can root out animals like squirrels and chipmunks. 

6. Coonhound 

Coonhounds are lovely dogs with a medium build that are meant for hunting raccoons in the woods. The coonhound is so small that they can make their way between trees, and the coonhound is often seen as a good house pet because they are so friendly. Each of these dogs makes a lovely house pet and hunting companion.